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Center Place Foundation (CPF.ORG) statement
By Damaris Jarboux, RN

For 30 years, I have been wanting to find a way to use the form of Qigong Healing developed at The Center Place to treat more veterans, especially those who have served in combat zones. I have personally successfully treated many veterans who have served in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan as have the other Senior Clinical Qigong Practitioners at The Center Place. Over that time, we have seen that veterans of combat need not only psychological help for PTSD type symptoms, but spiritual- energetic help as well. Most Veterans of combat zones have some spiritual invasion, Dysrhythmic Energy (DE), which is like a spiritual virus, as well as the ensuing energetic patterns it creates and sometimes even missing soul parts (which create a void in their system) so they can never fully get rid of the DE. Many systems of help are not fully addressing these energetic / spiritual symptoms of the disease of war. Therefore most modern cultures are failing many of these men & women who have served their countries. We all know the results, including an unacceptably high percentage of the homeless, drug use and suicide.

In the last few years I have been feeling that starting a non-profit specifically for that purpose would be best. A recent monetary gift created the impetus to move forward with Center Place Foundation (CPF), which is now a non-profit corporation with 501c3 tax exempt status. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this effort. A contribution of only $1500 will sponsor a US veteran through an entire year of Qigong Healing treatment which includes learning Qigong personal practices as well.

We, at The Center Place, have trained many people through the 4-year Qigong Healing Program who now offer this work to the public as we do. Some of them have their practice at The Center Place in Boulder while others operate elsewhere in the local area and still others live in other states. The CPF money will pay for the day to day operations only. This would include paying the practitioners a basic fee per session and a part-time administrator to handle the business of receiving referrals, keeping the Qigong Healing Practitioners connected to the veterans by scheduling appointments in their open times and paying the practitioners for their work out of CPF funds. We intend to keep it simple, so both administrator and practitioners are independent contractors.

I already know of many sources for referral of veterans in need that are coming forth and others that myself and the small Board of Directors will be reaching out to. The volunteer Board consists of 3 Senior Qigong Healing Practitioners. The rest of the work such as research, IT, support, ethics is handled by committees of volunteers from the Qigong Healing community.

US veterans (who have served in combat zones) are also welcome to refer themselves.

Damaris Jarboux, 2730 29th St., Boulder, Co., 80301
Director of the Qigong Healing Program @ The Center Place
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